Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find useful information you may have questions on. Please read these FAQs before emailing or sending us a DM through Instagram because this may contain your answer.

Everything says SOLD OUT. When will you restock items again?

We reopen our store typically every 6-12 weeks. Sometimes we take a break to just rest or have time to enjoy little getaways. I highly suggest following us on Instagram because we post on our stories when the shop will reopen again. We also add countdowns to make it easy to figure out time zone questions. Our Instagram is: GlamObsessionDesign_

I would like to cancel my order. How do I request this?

I apologize but we do not offer cancellations after you have placed your order. Also, please note we are unable to honor a return or exchange due to the fact that each item is custom made. I will work with you to insure you are pleased with your purchase so you can rest assured. If for any reason, you are completely dissatisfied with your purchase, please message me so we can discuss options regarding resolutions.

Will you be restocking the M.Mouse rhinestone tumbler? Will you be restocking the LV tumbler?

Like mentioned above the best information on restocks and reopenings are on my Instagram stories. I try to make everything in my shop available for purchase on each reopening.

I see a drop down menu for glitter choices but I do not know what the shade names look like. Can you show me?

Luckily, all glitters and glitter names are listed below


If I did not select a glitter color can I message you later with the information?

Unfortunately, due to the 100s of DMs and emails we receive it is very difficult to change your details. If a glitter color is not selected then you will either receive the default option as pictured in the listing or you will receive a random color combo.

Has my order shipped yet?

Due to the fact that we make all items by hand, they take their time. Processing time is listed in multiple areas on the website and also on our Instagram. PROCESSING TIME IS 6-12 WEEKS. Once marked shipped it may take a few days for USPS, UPS or DHL to come pick up your package.


If your order has past the 8 week processing time frame and you have not received a tracking number, please message us. If you message us before that time frame you are only slowing us down due to the fact that we now have to set time aside to reply to a message that was answered in this FAQ.

Do you offer preorders? I keep missing out on your reopenings!

At this time, we do not offer preorders. We constantly visit the idea and possibly soon it could be offered. Processing time could be longer than 4-8 weeks though.

Can you please tell me where you get your supplies or how you make your items?

I get this inquiry almost daily. I am very sorry but I do not disclose my supplies or techniques. I have spent thousands upon thousands of dollars trying things out as well as countless hours researching as much as possible. If you are interested in making the items I make, please use helpful tools like google and YouTube to assist you in your journey. There are people who love to teach others and offer great resources. Best of luck in your endeavor and remember what works for me might not work for you. That is why I am so big on researching as well as trial and error.

Love your products, would you like to collab and send me free items to review on my channel?

While we are very appreciative that you even thought of GlamObsessionDesign as a brand to promote, we currently are not seeking collaborations or PR representation at this time. We love to send extra goodies with orders just to make people smile a little more and we also love to work with customers that have become friends. We interact as much as possible with our followers because it brings us nothing but joy to meet new people and bond over all things glam. There is no set way to receive our items for review. We just go based off of interactions with you over time. We look for those that have already supported us by posting our page a few times to their story, being active on our posts, and/or purchased items from us.

If your question is more specific than listed in this FAQ please email us at glamobsessiondesign@gmail.com or shoot us a DM on instagram at @glamobsessiondesign_